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Carrie Beehan  CD  Alazon In The Quiet Room

CD Release 07/17

DIgital Release 10/16

Recent Press / Reviews

StGA Magazine

"...while the album’s lead single “Ass in the Middle” sounds like a mix of Lana Del Rey and Tom Waits..."


Impose Magazine

"What a stunning visual and an intense narrative to learn an immense lesson from"



"Beehan working through a multitude of themes as her dynamic vocal highlights delicate, acoustic-led or Massive Attack-style arrangements."


5 Stars Amazon

Manages to be soothing, spooky, atmospheric and powerful all at once. Carrie Beehan's vocals blend in masterfully with the lush orchestration... highly recommended!

5 Stars Amazon

Equally riveting, haunting, soothing, and  kind-hearted, Carrie Beehan's vocals and music are wholly original and fully appreciated.





Artist Information


Label: BNS Sessions NY/Cargo Records UK

Genre: Singer/songwriter

Residence: Manhattan, New York

Influences: Matt Johnson-The The, Martina Toply Bird, Scott Walker, Eartha Kit, Avo Part,

Massive Attack, Ian Dury, Indie Arie, Sammy Davis Jr., Cocteau Twins





Alazon In The Quiet Room


This is the culmination of years of notebooks, lyrics, melodies and ideas that finally found their song/storyline when Carrie Beehan honored the passing of her father and decided to record her introspective reflections.  Instruments were kept to a minimum, voice and lyric are key, and Beehan 'controlled' the urge to wash it out with layers of electronica and heavy bass lines present on her former releases.


New Zealand born, Ms. Beehan is an established international multi-media performer and artist residing in New York City since the early 2000s. Her creative style combines music, paint, performance and video. Ms. Beehan's technical background had her working as a news and documentary editor for German television in Berlin during 1986-1992. It was in this city she had her first electronica release Tryst/Tryst (BMG/Universal) in the late 90's.  This Berlin style merged with that of American collaborators on her 2006 CD, "Deepest Part of My Soul" which included duets with the legendary bassist T.M. Stevens.


2012, Beehan composed several short satirical musicals for DVD establishing her interest in the "Alazon" (Alazon is a stock character in Greek drama, a braggart easily tricked) and Alazon In The Quiet Room's narrative of introspective songs, somewhat removed from her previous electronic upbeat releases, led with the first featured single, "Ass In The Middle."


The following interview reveals the meaning of this unusual song, "Ass In The Middle"


Ignited by an artist's residency in the historic copper mining town of Bisbee, AZ, in 2014, shortly after her father's death, this sets the foundation and autobiographical account for the album which chronicles Beehan’s journey by blending subliminal emotional crossings with that of displacement and resettlement.

This new album is both a soundtrack to her latest musical theater performance and a statement about displacement.

Co-produced in New York by Oscar & Grammy winning producer/engineer Robert L Smith of Defy Recordings,

“Alazon In The Quiet Room”  released on BNS Sessions/Cargo Records Uk.

Instagram: beehanc
Twitter: @Carrie Beehan
Press and PR inquiries please contact:
Michael Mehalick
Carrie Beehan
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