Carrie Beehan with the Czechoslovak American Marionette Musicians performing on West 14th Street in Manhattan 10/8/16

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residency program in conjunction with

GOH Productions/CAMT-Vit Horejs

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 Alazon In The Quiet Room Part One- Displaced

 July 31st 4:30pm 2016 Govenor's Island, New York

The studio space is located in Lower Manhattan Arts Center at Governors Island. These programs are among the largest and most competitive programs in New York City. The residency will conclude with performances with Carrie Beehan- Alazon In The Quiet Room, Kika Von Kluck, Vit Horejs, Sarazina Joy Stein.

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Performing June 21, 2016  8pm The Roost, Ave B, NYC

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Inside the moviola: Details

Re-Stylized versions of the video's Sado & Fathers that played inside of the stereoscope/moviola Installation "Win by Surrendering".

Video that accompanied the performance A Woman of Question that played for the audience off of a Ipod connected to speakers- to engage the audience to participate. The Ringmaster also wore it on a top hat for the mobile version of the performance. Video was both in English and Czech.

The performance of A Woman of Question at the Czech Center, Prague

Trystette at Cross Contemporary

A night of musical storytelling/cabaret by Carrie Beehan aka Trystette performed March 08 in Saugerties upstate New York