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Carrie Beehan’s creative style combines music, writing, performance, paint and video. Carrie worked as a news and documentary editor for German television in Berlin from 1986-1992, and then emerged as a performer and recording artist with her first recording contract in 1998 with BMG/Universal. She is a longtime resident of New York City, where she continues to develop the documentary theater/musical multimedia show AITQRdisplaced, about displaced people and immigrant artists leaving their quiet rooms of contemplation. Both her musicals, Folk Tales of The Monarch and The Rusty Whetted Whistle are in permanent catalog with the prestigious AVIFF (Art Video Film Festival) in Cannes, France. Her latest EP, produced by veteran glam/punk rocker Venus De Mars will be released in 2021.






Carrie Beehan’s creative style combines music, paint, performance, and video, and was developed through her extensive training in the arts in AU, UK and Germany, as well as her training in the technical aspects of filmmaking and editing. She worked as a news and documentary editor for German television in Berlin from 1986-1992, and then emerged as a performer and recording artist with her first publishing deal in 1994 with Warner Chapel followed by her first recording contract in 1998 with BMG/Universal.


After her electronica release, “Tryst/Tryst” (BMG/Universal) and her 2006 U.S. collaboration, "Deepest Part of My Soul," with legendary metal-funk bassist/vocalist T.M. Stevens, Beehan composed several short musicals and a narrative of introspective songs somewhat removed from her previous electronic upbeat releases. She recorded at sessions in Arizona, Berlin, and New York during 2015-2016, and concurrently, the name of Beehan’s theater performance project and album was developed, “Alazon In The Quiet Room.” The album, “Alazon In The Quiet Room” was co-produced in New York City by Oscar & Grammy-winning producer/engineer, Robert L Smith of Defy Recordings, and released on BNS Sessions/Cargo Records UK.


Carrie Beehan’s work has been included in: the Museum of Jewish Heritage New York; the New Museum (New York, 2011 and 2013); the Žižkov Television Tower Prague: Art Gallery for Children (GUD), Czech Center Prague; TINA B Contemporary Arts Festival Prague; the Fusion Arts Museum-Fountain Art Fair at the New York Armory; AVIFF Festival Cannes; Shalom Neuman's: TALKING AT YOU - PROMLOUVÁNÍ at the Prague National Gallery, Veletžní palace. Her performance art video, “Art of the Crash” was featured in National Galeria in Poprad, Slovakia FusionArtSteam with Shalom Neuman, and with Israeli curator Doron Polak at educational institutions in Israel.


Beehan's Art Films with original scores for both "Folk Tales of The Monarch” (2011), and "Rusty Whetted Whistle" (2012, New York's Czechoslovak Marionette Theater) is part of the Cannes Art Video Festival AVIFF permanent catalog. She has exhibited and/or performed in Queens Museum of Art; The Museum of Jewish Heritage New York, The Lincoln Center Summer Stage; the European Film Awards, Babelsberg Studio, Potsdam; Chameleon Theater, Berlin; HOWL New York and the Figment Festivals and more. Beehan’s soundtrack collaboration with animation artist, Hye Rim Lee, is part of museum collections in Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney, and Auckland.

2019, she became a member of the DJ CherishTheLuv DJ Musician Crew with New Yorker Cynthia Cherish Malaran, aka, DJ CherishTheLuv, resident Wholefoods DJ, and Bose Ambassador. DJ CherishTheLuv has produced music, custom mixes, and is called on by Ryan Seacrest CIVIC, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, Nile Rodgers, the We Are Family Foundation, Viacom, Comedy Central, TED Talks, The New School for Social Research, Goddard Foundation, Heritage Radio Network, You Can Thrive!, Vanity4Humanity, Project1Voice, and more.

2021, she recently joined  "The Forty Hour Club" founded by playwright, director, and experimental theater artist Mike Gorman for the current production of "Never Leaving This Boat" (Fragments of a Blues Opera.)  The Production company's aim is to give voice to often overlooked and forgotten individuals and communities. Carrie is  co-writing music for the 2021-2022 Production.





 Carrie Jane Beehan Artist - Album Alazon In The Quiet Room
Photo of Carrie Beehan in Film Folk Tales of The Monarch by Clinton Curtis Querci
"Cool and beautiful vocal mix of acoustic  and electronica,   ambient and dance" ​ DJCherishtheluv BOSE Pro DJ, @Whole Foods, Heritage Radio,  Nile Rodgers WAFF
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Photo of Carrie Beehan by Clinton Curtis Querci