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We proudly announce we are Selected for
emerging ARTISTS TheatRE
new work series
Thurs MarcH 23, 2023

TIckets LIVE FEB 07, 2023


2016-2019: The backstory of development through workshops, performances and stage readings:

AITQRdisplaced  chronicles badass dynamic Immigrant Artists, who will stop at nothing to find a safe home, etched in five decades, remembering entry and exits, stamps and visas, borders and walls, through songs and stories depicting the many facets of their displacement! AITQR's vision reveals their immigrant survivalist qualities, and shoot electro jolts into concentrated topics within the theme of Displacement: immigration, diaspora experience, resettlement, transgender on “othering”, global climate change impact, and financial loss. 


 AITQR theatrical show, delivers a true story of the unsuppressible human desire for a safe home, the safe home in AITQRDisplaced boldly implicit as the shared experience of navigating cities as immigrant artistic visionaries, many of them defining New York as "the place to be Displaced;" the less you belong, the more New York wants you!


Carrie Beehan - writer/composer AITQRdisplaced 2016-2020

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AITQR Reading 11_19 Print.jpg

AITQR Displaced


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AITQR Displaced

The Staged reading


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