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Singer In New York - 2008 40”H x 28”W x 2”D Acrylic on canvas with gifted & found objects, & EL wire,

 Carrie Beehan  Paintings, Mixed Media



Carrie Beehan Performance-Artist/Painter/Musician is an established international multi-media performer and artist residing in the East Village in New York City for 20+ years. Carrie worked as a news and documentary editor for German television in Berlin from 1986-1992. She emerged as a performer and recording artist with her first recording contract in 1998 with BMG/Universal. With a background in London, New York, Berlin, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand in dramatic arts, music, and the film industry. Her creative style combines paint, music, multi-media art, performance, and video. Carrie Beehan's work has been included in: the New Museum Ideas City New York 2013 & 2011; the Žižkov Television Tower, Art Gallery for Children (GUD), Czech Center Prague; TINA B Contemporary Arts Festival Prague; the Fusion Arts Museum-Fountain Art Fair at the New York Armory; AVIFF Festival Cannes; Shalom Neuman's: TALKING AT YOU - PROMLOUVÁNÍ at the Prague National Gallery, Veletžní palace. Carrie Beehan has exhibited and/or performed in Queens Museum of Art; The Lincoln Center Summer Stage; opening act for European Film Awards, Babelsberg Studio, Potsdam; Chameleon Theater, Berlin; HOWL New York and the Figment Festivals, FusionArts Museum LES, to name but a few. She has exhibited at La MaMa Galleria in Noho, Agency Catch-24 Design in Manhattan, ORA-NY Gallery in Chelsea, Gallery Center with Lisa Farago (Farago Art) in Soho, and completed an artist residency for the Central School Project in Bisbee, Arizona 2014 - 2016, founding her current documentary musical AITQR Displaced 2023.

GOH Productions is a nonprofit arts services organization that has been creating, producing and managing performing arts projects for over 30 years. GOH's primary goal is working with experimental and interdisciplinary artists to clarify their artistic vision and to make possible the production of new works in a variety of genres and in a variety of global landscapes. "GOH Productions is a global and local generator of compelling artistic works."—Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer, BAM.

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