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 Carrie Beehan  Paintings, Mixed Media

CBeehan_1200x800_FIrescape Cityscape Iron work 2.jpg
CBeehan_1200x800_Firescape Landscape Arched.jpg
Singer In New York - 2008 40”H x 28”W x 2”D Acrylic on canvas with gifted & found objects, & EL wire,



Carrie Beehan Performance-Artist/Painter/Musician is an established international multi-media performer and artist residing in the East Village in New York City for 20+ years. Carrie worked as a news and documentary editor for German television in Berlin from 1986-1992. She emerged as a performer and recording artist with her first recording contract in 1998 with BMG/Universal. With a background in London, New York, Berlin, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand in dramatic arts, music, and the film industry. Her creative style combines paint, music, multi-media art, performance, and video. Carrie Beehan's work has been included in: the New Museum Ideas City New York 2013 & 2011; the Žižkov Television Tower, Art Gallery for Children (GUD), Czech Center Prague; TINA B Contemporary Arts Festival Prague; the Fusion Arts Museum-Fountain Art Fair at the New York Armory; AVIFF Festival Cannes; Shalom Neuman's: TALKING AT YOU - PROMLOUVÁNÍ at the Prague National Gallery, Veletžní palace. Carrie Beehan has exhibited and/or performed in Queens Museum of Art; The Lincoln Center Summer Stage; opening act for European Film Awards, Babelsberg Studio, Potsdam; Chameleon Theater, Berlin; HOWL New York and the Figment Festivals, FusionArts Museum LES, to name but a few. She has exhibited at La MaMa Galleria in Noho, Agency Catch-24 Design in Manhattan, ORA-NY Gallery in Chelsea, Gallery Center with Lisa Farago (Farago Art) in Soho, and completed an artist residency for the Central School Project in Bisbee, Arizona 2014 - 2016, founding her current documentary musical AITQR Displaced 2023.


2023 We Are Here Now - Hidden In Plain Sight - East Village Then (1978 -1998) & Now - Group Show  at NuBlu 151 Ave C  NYC

Oct 10-13th, 2023.

2023 We Are Here Now - Hidden In Plain Sight - East Village Then (1978 -1998) & Now - Group Show at Studio Hill Gallery Connecticut. May 6th - June 6th, 2023.


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