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Storm on ocean waves no people, monotone, a chandelier in an old rowboat in the waves .jpg
Alazon In The Quiet Carrie Beehan Releas

Alazon In The Quiet Room - Beehan's 2016 album  - chronicles her journey by blending subconscious emotional crossings with that of displacement and resettlement. Produced in New York by Oscar & Grammy winning producer/engineer Robert L Smith of Defy Recordings, “Alazon In The Quiet Room” balances out the scars of obstructed undercurrents and tension with atmospheric, cabaret psyche folk and tinges of electronica.



Released in Nov 2006 with the legendary bassist-producer TM Stevens (Shocka Zooloo, James Brown, Pretenders, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel, Tina Turner)

Deepest Part Of My Soul Album Trystette.png
Mysteriously - song by Carrie Beehan_edi
a mound of dirt on a fresh grave _edited
a column of fog, over cobblestones monot

A friend of mine passed away, mysteriously while driving I witnessed heat and flies and vodka and a well-paid priest...
While the loaded anger, weapons and the wine, mixed with the traitors', lovers', wives' and mother's cries

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an alien spaceship in the 1950's, no people, desert area, monotone, a window frame, a youn
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TRYST/Tryst:  Berlin Electronica Carrie Beehan & Warner Poland

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Carrie Beehan Folk Tales Of The Monarch.png

Folk Tales of the Monarch

The Art of the Crash

A Curious Tale from the Kingdom of the 
Rusty Whetted Whistle

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