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CLose upi Bridget and Peacock
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Fergus Sketch square
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  Soul of a Dog (and a few demanding Cats)








A  surprise commission for their owner on a 40th Birthday., 2016  Knitting was their owner's pastime and Gunther, the elder of the pack, loved his red ball.


With their favorite toys and bedding - fabric samples from their owner's curtain and furnishing covering inspired the pet-beds and wall textures.


"To my dear Carrie...thank you for capturing the heart and soul of my love Gromit!!!!" 

Margo Susco, Owner of Hydra

Tuscon & Bisbee, Arizona


"To my dear Carrie...thank you for capturing the heart and soul of my love Gromit!!!!" 

Margo Susco, Owner of Hydra

Tuscon & Bisbee, Arizona

Gromit, the happiest little boy from Tuscon has wheels to help him move as his back legs are paraylized. We chose to place him with his favorite toys in front of Hydra clothing store in colorful Bisbee, AZ.



Fergus lives between Arizona and New York and loves coming to your front door for a morning biscuit, This is a sample of a fun

sketch-paint commssion.

About me

I am a New York-based, professional multimedia musician, performer and artist.

Inspired by animal photos I snap, capturing their personality and environment, my aim is to bring their portraits to life in a lively and colorful manner.  I do not use digital processing to sketch their photos and paint over the digitized sketch!



My paintings, art installations & multi media work has shown in exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Prague, Jerusalem, Seoul, Sydney, Wellington, Auckland, Arizona amongst others.










"When I commissioned Carrie to paint Toby I never thought this would be one of my favorite paintings. Carrie captured his spirit and soul and did it in a style that goes with all the furniture and look of my apt. She used colors I love and it fits perfectly with other art (although some of them now look less exciting). It sits opposite my couch on the main wall of my apt where I can admire it as it gets many compliments from friends.Thank you Carrie ..."  Michele McVicar, Manhattan, New York




Toby Wan Kenobi

Toby the rescue dog, commissioned work in the East Village in New York 2015

Acrylic on canvas with tint, pigment, glaze and binders

40"H x 30"W x 2"D

Cleo and Coco

With their favorite toys, and bedding - fabric samples were supplied from curtain and furnishing coverings and inspired the dog beds and background wall textures.



Cleopatra belongs to the artist, Cleo is a rescue dog, found abandoned as a puppy on Gunhill Road in the Bronx. She is happily living these days in the East Village, Manhattan, New York.

Cleopatra The Rescue Dog

Cleo the rescue dog in a shipping lane between containers from two ports with the judges of the TV show The Voice  2013

Acrylic on Canvas with tint, pigment, glaze andbinders, gifted objects, old and rare stamps, dog rescue papers, plastic and paper




"The magnificent painting that Carrie Beehan created of my Chihuahua Tanemahutua captures his spirit and my heritage and life story in an organic yet textural manner... "

Giarna TeKanawa, Manhattan, New York, 2015






































Tanemahuta Tekanawa 2014

H48" x W36" x D2"

Acrylic on canvas with molding paste, feather, black obsidian from Mt Kilimanjaro, New Zealand paua shell and greenstone, Scottish tartan, rare and old stamps, porcelian from Abu Dhabi and found objects.


This commission started with the client breaking a precious plate that she had purchased from a local market in Abu Dhabi, and asking me if I could do anything with the pieces.  I saw a helicopter in them and seeing as the client's family had owned a helicopter business, this was a good place to start.  In the painting her imposing 7lb Chihuahua dog Tanemahuta looks over the client as she climbs Mt Kilimanjaro in 2014. Tane's nose is crafted from black obsidian found on the Kilimanjaro trail and his eye is paua shell from New Zealand. Wanting to bring in both the client's Maori and Scottish heritage, Tane wears the traditional Maori ceremonial cloak while a building is covered in the family Scottish tartan.

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