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StGA Magazine Oct 20

"...while the album’s lead single “Ass in the Middle” sounds like a mix of Lana Del Rey and Tom Waits..."

Impose Magazine Oct 18

"What a stunning visual and an intense narrative to learn an immense lesson from"

"With her success in the performance artist realm, it should be no surprise that Alazon In The Quiet Room works so well despite the variety on the album. It makes the album a compelling listen."


Groundsounds Premier Single & In-depth Interview - Carrie Beehan
Sept 30, 2016

"Beehan working through a multitude of themes as her dynamic vocal highlights delicate, acoustic-led or Massive Attack-style arrangements." 

On The Cover  - Weekly Magazine - Thursday March 17, 2016

Translated from German:

From the snippets of fleeting sentences on the streets and in the stores of  New York city, or the tattooed statement on the woman's back as she passes her in the subway-this is what inspires the songwriter and performer Carrie Beehan.  Composing in her New York studio apartment in the evenings, sitting on the kitchen floor with a glass of European wine.

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