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Carrie Beehan| DOG PORTRAITS




"...Carrie captured his spirit and soul and did it in a style that goes with all the furniture and look of my apt. She used colors I love and it fits perfectly with other art..."
 Michele McVicar, Manhattan, New York 2015

  Your own Dog Portrait

  • Choose your height and width of painting to match your room.

  • Choose up to five colors to match your room and your other art.

  • Choose your favorite dog toy, furniture, whatever brings you and your dog together!

  • Do you have their rescue papers? - I can include copies of them in the art or sealed in the back of the frame.




Tane Mahuta Tekanawa 2014

H48" x W36" x D2"

Acrylic on canvas with molding paste, feather, black obsidian from Mt Kilimanjaro, New Zealand paua shell and greenstone, Scottish tartan, rare and old stamps, porcelian from Abu Dhabi and found objects.


This commission started with the client breaking a precious plate that she had purchased from a local market in Abu Dhabi, and asking me if I could do anything with the pieces.  I saw a helicopter in them and seeing as the client's family had owned a helicopter business, this was a good place to start.  In the painting her imposing 7lb Chihuahua dog Tane Mahuta looks over the client as she climbs Mt Kilimanjaro in 2014. Tane's nose is crafted from black obsidian found on the Kilimanjaro trail and his eye is paua shell from New Zealand. Wanting to bring in both the client's Maori and Scottish heritage, Tane wears the traditional Maori ceremonial cloak while a building is covered in the family Scottish tartan.

Tane Mahuta at home on the client's wall in Manhattan placed between traditional Maori carving , Art Deco birds and lights from the famous New Zealand designer David Trubridge.

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