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Alazon In The Quiet Room - In Development

Pangea NY, Downtown Alt-Cabaret Nov. 2019

Culture Hub/LaMaMa May, 2017 

Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

Battery Park City, New York

Immigrant Arts Summit - Aug. 2018

"SADO" from Folk Tales of the Monarch: 5 songs + 5 Films: Premiered at the Christopher Henry Gallery NYC

"Chandelier In A Rowboat" from the Album Alazon In The Quiet Room

 Video by Clinton Curtis Querci

"Mysteriously" from the Album Alazon In The Quiet Room

 Video by Clinton Curtis Querci

 Folk Tales of the Monarch: 5 songs + 5 Films

 AVIFF Catalogue Cannes, France 

Based on songs created by Beehan in 1989-91 while living in Berlin 1986-1998, these 5 films were 2012 adaptations and re-creations on film that were viewed in Cannes, Prague, Tele Viv, & NYC. 

Folk Tales of the Monarch: 5 songs + 5 Films: Trailer


A Woman of Question: Promo/Interactive video for the Prague/Tina B. Festival

and Saatchi & Saatchi New York Agency Performance.


A Curious Tale from the Kingdom of the Rusty Whetted Whistle: film trailer

AVIFF Catalogue Cannes, France

Video Prague's Veletrzni Palace Performance 2012


TAKE ME AWAY: Live in Berlin 2011

The Art of The Crash video 2010

Performed live at Fusion Arts Museum - Stanton Street, LES, New York City,


Good Part of my Soul video , illustrated by Digital artist Urban Envy
Susie Wong is not a call girl in New York - Project Susie Wong 2020


Live Concert with T.M. Stevens 2007


Live Performance at Mo Pitkins in 2007 - Carrie Beehan - Composer - front woman of New York's Trystette band, Vocals & Guitar, - this show featured Howard Alper: Percussion & Drums, MFerghu: Paino. Dennis Diamond: Guitar, Jennifer Haase: Vocalist, TM Stevens: Bass, and Vocal performance.

MTV moment from yesteryear - 1998 MTV interview Carrie Beehan

Songs: Skin of A Stranger and Die Wahre Liebe

on CD Baby       

AMAZON Tryst    ITUNES Trystette.


Brooklyn Boy in Berlin - Live in New York with Trystette band, TM Stevens, Howard Alper Drums, Napoleon Maddox beat box, MFerghu Keys,  Jennifer Hasse backing vocals.


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