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                       Recipient of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residency program in   

                                    conjunction with GOH Productions/CAMT-Vit Horejs


                                                    July 2016 Govenor's Island, New York--










Vit Horejs CAMT (GOH Productions/Vit Horejs/Carrie Beehen aka Trystette) is in LMCC’s Artist Residency program for the creation, development, and presentation of exciting and innovative new work, 2016. The studio space is located in Lower Manhattan Arts Center at Governors Island. These programs are among the largest and most competitive programs in New York City. The residency will conclude withperformances of Trystette - Alazon In The Quiet Room with Kika Von Kluck, Vit Horejs, Sarazina Joy Stein.


Berlin, Germany


No Day without a Line

OPENING 12 February, 7 - 9 pm
13 February - 19 March 2016

"Inspiration comes from the fleeting sentence snippet in subway/store/street while passing, the tattooed statement on the woman's back, the tears and wailing of the broken-hearted stranger on the subway bench, the invitation to sealed rooms and private groups ranging from dens of inequity to offices in the Empire State Building. Every NYC ambulance siren a damaged or saved person, every fire engine and police siren the possibility of more anguish and shock or rescue and relief, every hustle a charged and concentrated need for an end destination, ruled by money, time, history, culture, status, profession, celebrity obsession, humor, pace, space, synchronicity, your personal trajectory and reruns of Saturday Night Live gems."


No Day Without A Line - translation from article in Berlin Art-de






"Beehan working through a multitude of themes as her dynamic vocal highlights delicate, acoustic-led or Massive Attack-style arrangements." 9/30/16

"Cool and beautiful vocal mix of acoustic and electronica, ambient and dance" DJCherishtheluv

Performing Sunday 26 April, 2015 , East Village, NY

55 Avenue C Dance Center - 2pm

Performing Sunday 08 March, 2015 , Saugerties, NY

LaMama - La Galleria - Great Jones St, NY

Dec 23-Jan 6, 2015

Group Exhibition - Carrie Beehan's Singer In New York

Catch 24 presents: Carrie Beehan|New York Paintings 2014 

Opening: Thursday Dec 4th 6:30–8:30pm


October 2014 - Preview New Track

Preview of the first release from forth-coming Album  -

Trystette - Alazon In The Quiet Room

"A Russian Spy" Soundtrack


Producers: Carrie Beehan & Grammy/Emmy nominated Robert L. Smith - Defy Recordings, FULL RELEASE -  March 2015 on BNS Sessions/Cargo Record UK


August 2014 - BNS Sessions  & Abstract Flavor - Brooklyn New York -

Carrie is adding her production talents to the BNS Team!

A collective/record label that collaborates and explores various realms of consciousness and the universe through different mediums of art. Distributed through Cargo Records UK.


August 2014 - Behind The Scenes

NEW - Behind the Scenes look at several productions: Scopiola at Saatchi & Saatchi & The New Museum, Prague Radio Tower & Festival, Folk Tales of The Monarch and  more!!artinstallation/c1uzs


March - April 2014 News!

3/27: Evolution of Consciousness Salon – Creativity & Beyond
Bobbi Van, Syd Hap, Carrie Beehan, James Navé & Moderator Alan Steinfeld - at New York's META Center -







Scopiola in Arizona April 2014

Artist-in-Residence in Central School Project’s Visiting Artist Program - Carrie has been awarded this wonderful residency in the art topia of Arizona - the historical city of Bisbee.

Jan & Feb 2014 News!

End-credit song "Hip To Be A Hybrid"for this movie - The Hidden Hand film won it's 5th award in Jakarta at the 2013 Indonesian International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary. Director James Carman received the Filmmaker of Peace Award.

Oct 2013 News

Just hit top selling Google+ documentaries for last week with James Carman's Hidden Hand !!!!

End-credit song "Hip To Be A Hybrid" for this movie - proud to have composed and performed this for amazing director James Carman award-winning documentary - More on about page of this site








Sept/Oct 2013 News!


With HYE RIM LEE Artist at Sydney Art Fair Strawberry Garden, Lucid Dream....animation: Leah Kang New York,Triston Huang New York, Han Law at Pixelpush Auckland, sound: Carrie Beehan New York


Song "Hip To Be A Hybrid" by Carrie Beehan in award-winning film The Hidden Hand, director James Carman at NYC Film Fest Producers Panel Oct 19th



July 2013 News!

Rusty Whetted Whistle musical - by Carrie Beehan and American Czechoslovakian Marionette Theater -  DVD is in the works with our Amsterdam - The Netherlands production. 













May 2013 NEWS!



SCOPIOLA - Performance by Carrie Beehan & Artists

Installation - Clinton Curtis-Querci

Performance Vehicle - Angus Vail (ArtBloc)

SCOPIOLA consists of three components: an installation, a performance, and an interactive game. Participants in the project are invited to view unfamiliar images through the nearly extinct nineteenth-century technologies of moviolas and stereoscopes. Visitors can also play a game that utilizes depth perception as a basis for ball-throwing.









December 2012 NEWS!- Saatchi & Saatchi New York- Visual Installation



October  2012 NEWS!- Bio OKO Cinema Prague- Tina B Programme



September  2012 NEWS! -“Lights in the Darkness”, Tel Aviv  



July NEWS!- Intl Film Festival Karlovy Vary 2012



May NEWS!- SADO - Folktale #2 - Kesher V Performance Event 


FusionArt Stream, Fountain Art Fair, The Armory - New York



March NEWS!-Space Womb Gallery and Lambert Fine Arts - New York, March 24-25th



February News!- "SADO" video at The Christopher Henry Gallery Feb 01-05 -

AntiOxidants Video Artists 2012


Lamberts Fine Arts Feb 05 - Superbowl BeIN




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